Skill Mastery

3-Month Intensive Training Course

Whether you are still a student, an undergraduate, a recent graduate, or an employee pursuing your dreams but struggling with your speaking ability (in English), this training course is ideal for you. We cover a wide variety of communication skills and make you a confident speaker who does not fear the stage or a large crowd anymore. Ranging from speeches, presentations, to job interviews, we have included everything in our program.

Course Content

  • Public speaking [prepared speeches & impromptu speeches]
  • Presentation skills [creating professional slideshows & delivering impactful presentations]
  • Everyday communication [connecting with people, networking, small talk, etc.]
  • Corporate communication [professional communication tips, calling, sales, customer relations, etc.]
  • Job interviews [CV making, how to prepare, answering interview questions, negotiating salary, etc.]
  • Mock interviews [conducted by industry professionals to give you the real experience]
  • Professional writing [emails, reports, letters, etc.]
  • Confidence building [how to handle nervousness, control your emotions, and calm down your body]
  • Other skills: emceeing, debating, customer relations
  • Personality development & personal branding

Who is it for?

Ideal for,

  • Employees
  • Recent graduates
  • Undergraduates
  • School-leavers
  • A/L students

Course Details

The training happens at our academy as weekly sessions. A total of 72 hours is covered in this program and the maximum intake per batch is 30 students. More details below,

  • 12 consecutive weeks 
  • Every Sunday, 9AM to 4PM 
  • 6 hours a day
  • Held at AIHE, Nugegoda (next to Sri Jayewardenepura University)
  • A course fee of LKR 30,000 is charged (can be paid in installments)
  • First day is free 

How to Join?

Next intake: 1st of September 2024

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Other Options

If you are interested in arranging a Skill Mastery course at your company, school, institute or in your area, we are open to discussions



Contact: Mr. Chathura Vidanapathirana [Lead Facilitator]

+94 77 512 8918

+94 74 026 2520

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