What is Senergy?

Are you struggling with getting your team to work together with team spirit? Your employees, or the staff members of your division, your project team whichever it is, we are here with our unique team building solution where synergy is cultivated among the team members to improve collaboration, communication, and relationships.


Senergy: Synergy with Energy, is not just another typical training. Our sessions are full of energy, fun, enthusiasm, and motivation. While gaining a good learning about why team work matters and how it can benefit both employer and employee, the participants will get an unforgettable experience with their coworkers. 

Session Details

  • The training is planned and designed considering the client’s requirement, number of participants, resources and any other specific conditions/situations
  • Ideally, the session should either go for a full day or a half day
  • We are flexible in fixing dates, times, and venue
  • The delivery is available in both Sinhalese and English
  • We design programs to suit both indoor and outdoor locations


The fee of the training session is calculated based on the scale of the program (duration and the number of participants).

We are currently offering discounts in line with the ongoing promotional period. 

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